Gas Detection Services

Aissol Safety has the people, programs, and processes to deliver the industry’s best safety equipment and gas detection instrumentation to your operation. Aissol safety provides the top-quality equipment and unprecedented support you need to keep your people safe and your operations profitable. Our gas detection solutions include:

• Portable Multi-gas monitors
• Fixed gas detection systems
• Wireless gas detection systems

Aissol can help with service and maintenance of our advanced intelligent systems. We provide traceable calibration, with full system calibration data and service reports. These detail exactly what happened during have third your service visit and also the reports come straight from our gas detection control panels, detailing alarm levels and which traceable calibration gas was used. We can also service many other gas detection systems and portables, as we party trained engineers.The services & support Aissol provided has enabled us to deliver systems in accordance with the client requirements. When an issue is raised the support team provide the solution and the replacement product has been with us within 24/7 hrs.